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The list of the frequently asked questions about commercial activities of WAPDA is given below.

Q.1 How a prospective consumer can get a new connection?

Ans. The prospective consumer can get free of cost an application form from the Sub-Division situated in his area.

The application form duly filled in has to be submitted in the Sub-Division, where the concerned clerk will issue receipt as an acknowledgement having received the application form.

The new connection application will be processed in the Sub-Division and the connection would be installed in 35 to 45 days. In case any connection is not feasible due to any technical or any other reason, the prospective consumer would be informed accordingly with reasons for rejection of application.

Q.2 What is the method of recording reading?

Ans. The meter reading is recorded by the meter reader by visiting the premises from door to door. Whatever reading he records he enters the same on Meter Reading Record and simultaneously on the Meter Reading Card held by the consumer. It will make the consumer aware of the units he has consumed.

Q.3 How can a wrong bill be corrected?

Ans. In case any bill contains any error the consumer should report to the concerned Sub-Division/Revenue Office.

Q.4 How many grace days are given for deposit of electricity bills?

Ans. 15-days period is allowed for depositing the electricity bills.

Q.5 Where can a consumer deposit the electricity bills?

Ans. WAPDA has made arrangement with all scheduled Banks of Pakistan and the post offices, who have specified their branches in all parts of the country to facilitate the consumers for making payment of their bills. The consumer can deposit his bill in any authorized Bank branch/Post Office within District/ City.

Q.6 In case a connection is disconnected, how can it be reconnected?

Ans. For whatever reason a connection has been disconnected it can be reconnected by applying for the same on the prescribed form available with the concerned Revenue Office free of cost, and after complying with the specified instructions, the connection is resorted.

Q.7 How can the connection be converted into other person's name?

Ans. The change in name of the connection can be arranged by applying for the same to the concerned Sub-Division, on the prescribed application form to be submitted duly filled in alongwith the required document to substantiate justification for change of name. After the applicant has fulfilled all the pre-requisites for change of name, the connection is changed into the desired new name.

Q.8 How can a consumer get his load increased/decreased according to his requirement?

Ans. The consumer will have to apply to the SDO / other competent authority who will arrange the verification of the load and test report and will arrange the reduction/extension of the load.

Q.9 How can a consumer arrange the disconnection of his supply and refund of security?

Ans. The consumer who does not want to continue his electricity connection will apply for permanent disconnection to the SDO. The connection would be permanently disconnected by the SDO after obtaining clearance from Revenue Office.

Q.10 What steps have been taken by WAPDA to boost up Agriculture Sector?

Ans. The present management has introduced following special incentives /packages to boost-up agriculture:

Tariff decrease.

25% Relief in variable for wheat/Rabbi crop.

Payment of Bills is deferred till 31.05.2000.

Q.11 What are the WAPDA tariff rate presently applicable to various categories of consumers?

Ans. WAPDA Schedule of Electricity Tariff is Displayed.

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