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  • 17-Apr-2019

    Extension in Opening Date

    With reference to the advertisement regarding "Resuest for Proposal" (REP) published in National Local & Regional Newspapers vide PID(Q)/133/19 on 03-04-2019 & also uploaded on PPRA's website. Now the date of opening has been extended as 16th May 2019 instead of 25-04-2019

    Other Terms & Conditions of tender will remain unchanged.


TECHNICAL SERVICES (M&T) OVERVIEW M&T Organization is one of the most important department in QESCO. The company revenue depends on proper accurate functioning of its cash box i.e. energy meter. M&T deals with checking installation testing & recalibration of energy meters therefore the importance of M&T cannot be ignored in any distribution company. It also attends all sorts of faults in metering equipment involving panels MDI meters CTs, PTs & cables ensuring continuity of un-interrupted supply to big consumers using electricity in bulk. The low losses in B-II , B-III & C-II consumption of QESCO itself speaks of efficiency of M&T department. It also co-ordinates co-ordinates with operation circles & divisions to reduce / eliminate theft of electricity. It has dedicated & devoted staff readily available for duty at call any time.


M&T is responsible for checking, testing, programming & installation of all kinds of meters on connections having load above 40 KW & involving MDI Meters. Monitoring & periodic checking of all B-II, B-III & bulk supply connections at least once in a year. Testing / checking of the meters of grid station jointly with XEN P&I as and when required.


Name Address Office No Mobile No.
1. Mr. Syed M. Sadique Shah Regional Manager TPS Complex Sheikhmanda QESCO Quetta 081-2881963 0333-901655
2 (XEN) Circle Manager TPS Complex Sheikhmanda QESCO Quetta 0320-5904953
3.Mr. Fazal ur Rehman (XEN) TPS Complex Sheikhmanda QESCO Quetta 0333-7894343
4. Mr. Mohammad Aslam (SDO) TPS Complex Sheikhmanda QESCO Quetta 0333-7929744
Stealing of electricity is crime against every Pakistani and who ever does it, is our enemy. Please help QESCO in its effort to stop electricity theft by reporting at our Toll Free Number ""0800-84338"
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